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Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Reinhard Friedl

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Heart Surgery, Echocardiography, Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine, Diving Medicine

Herzzeit is
finding out what is really missing

Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Reinhard Friedl in seiner Privatarztpraxis für ganzheitliche und operative Herzmedizin im Gespräch mit einer Patientin

The latest scientific studies confirm centuries-old spiritual wisdom. The heart and the brain are not rivals but in fact have a lot to say to each other. The disturbance of this communication between the nervous system and the heart can cause illness.[1–15]

The consequences are:
Cardiac arrhythmia, circulatory disorders, heart attacks, heart failure, happy and broken heart syndrome, anxiety, sleep disorders, stress, pain, high blood pressure, strokes, obesity, depression, dementia, addiction problems and other illnesses.

As a heart surgeon and scientist, I have held thousands of hearts in my hands and have learned to understand the language of the heart in more depths. Some illnesses have underlying causes that are not apparent at first glance. Accessing these causes can often be successful by listening to the heart.

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Herzzeit is
the expertise of two worlds

Der Herzchirurg Reinhard Friedl ist nicht nur Vertreter der High-Tech Herzmedizin sonder beschäftigt sich auch mit Bewusstseinsforschung, Meditation und alternativer Medizin

I have been a cardiac surgeon for many years with a strong background in high-tech heart medicine and tremendous experience in cardiovascular diseases and their influence on the organs. However, I know that scalpel and medication alone cannot always cure chronic diseases. That is why I have also extended my focus to consciousness research, meditation and alternative medicine for over ten years.

The whole body is a unit. Heart, brain and psyche communicate constantly with each other.

The isolated treatment and therapy of an organ is not the only solution to chronic diseases. [4] [6–8] [10–14]

In my cardiac practice, I provide a thorough diagnosis of your heart and its connections with the brain and body. Together we will shed light on the roots of the problem. Diagnosis and therapy are based on current medical standards and integrate modern and complementary medicine. 

Our goal is to restore the inner harmony of your organs and your joy of life.

Herzzeit is

Herzzeit ist Zuhören – Dr. Friedl im Gespräch

Your brain listens to your heart! This sensational discovery was published in one of the most important neuroscience journals (Nature Neuroscience) in 2014.[9] In the brain, so-called »heartbeat-evoked-potentials« can be measured. Until recently, these very fine signals were still considered »noise«. Today we know, they are signals from the heart that influence your perception, your sensations and particularly your vision.

It is true after all that, »It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye« (The Little Prince).

Given how seriously the brain appears to be to taking the heartbeat, perhaps we as experimenters need to do so as well«, suggest neuroscientists [15]

I will take the time to listen to you and your heart. Without listening there is no understanding and without time there is no healing. This is ancient medical knowledge.

The heart is not just a pump with 4 valves and 3 major blood lines, which beats 2 – 3 billion times during a lifetime. It is a sensory organ with 40,000 nerve cells. Via blood circulation and the autonomous nervous system it is connected to your entire body. Currently, olfactory receptors have even been discovered in the heart, as they are also found in the nose[16]. With every heartbeat, not only nerve signals but also a complex code is sent to the brain and the body.[3] [5] [7] [9] [11–12] [17]

The renowned neurosurgeon Donald Doty, founder of the Center for Compasion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University reports: When he opens the skull, the whole brain pulsates to the rhythm of the heart.[18] The strength, form and frequency of these pulse waves transmit important information to the brain.[17] 

Moreover, heart and brain produce some of the same hormones, for example the love hormone oxytocin. It is the invisible ink of the messages that both organs send to each other.[5] [19] 

Heart and brain also both generate strong electromagnetic fields (ECG and EEG) that influence each other and have the potential to oscillate in unison.[17] 

Both organs have an intimate, lifelong relationship and if one is ill, the other often becomes ill as well. It is scientifically proven: heart disease can lead to a variety of brain and mental health illnesses, including strokes, depression and dementia. Conversely, emotional distress, stress and insomnia are even described as poison to the heart (cardiotoxic).[4] [6–8] [10–14]

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Herzzeit is
the analysis of your heartbeat

Reinhard Friedl bei der Beobachtung Ihres Herzens mit der Echokardiographie

The observation of your heart with echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart) allows me to examine the anatomy and function of your heart and its blood vessels very closely and in fine detail. This also reveals the connections between the body and the brain. Together we will look at your heart and synchronize the video image with the ECG. In doing so, the pumping function, the function of the heart valves as well as the important condition of the blood vessels can be assessed very accurately.

Das Herz in drei Darstellungen: Als Computersimulation, als Echokardiographie und als echte Videoaufnahme
What would your heart say if it could speak?

I will run a computer analysis of your heart rate's ability to oscillate. This will show you whether the interaction of your heart, nervous system and respiration is harmonious and in tune or chaotic and disturbed.

The interaction of heart, nervous system and respiration is chaotic and disturbed:
Das Zusammenspiel von Herz, Nervensystem und Atmung des gestressten Herzens
The computer analysis shows how the intervals between the individual heartbeats change in the millisecond range. This so-called Heart Rate Variability is not visible in a conventional ECG.

Among other things, during stress, depression or after a heart attack, this frequency oscillates in a chaotic pattern.
The interaction of heart, nervous system and respiration is harmonious and in tune/balance:
Das Zusammenspiel von Herz, Nervensystem und Atmung des harmonischen Herzens
If the heart and brain resonate with each other and the autonomic nervous system is intact, a healthy, harmonious oscillation of the Heart Rate Variability may be observed.

The pulse diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine was already aware of these phenomena over 2000 years ago. Modern heart medicine has rediscovered the outstanding importance of this procedure and calls it measurement of the »Heart Rate Variability«. Its frequencies have an influence on your physical and mental well-being, your biological age and your survival time after a heart attack.[13] [20–21] 

Many illnesses of the heart, soul and brain are associated with a restricted heart rate variability.[7–8] [13] [20] [22]

Herzzeit is
individual therapy

Individuelle Therapie und Heilungsansätze mit Bio-Feedback, Gesprächen, Naturheilverfahren, Entspannung, bewusste Körperarbeit, Gesundheitsberatung, Lebensstilberatung

Numerous studies prove that many negative processes in the body can be reversed and your health data can be improved.[2] [6] [11] [23–24] Life expectancy and quality of life can increase again. After all, health is not a condition, health is a process.

Together we will develop an individual, multimodal therapy and healing concept that is tailored to your needs and capabilities and has measurable success. We employ current medical procedures, biofeedback, depth psychology, naturopathic treatments, relaxation techniques, conscious bodywork as well as changes in general health and lifestyle.

Should heart surgery (e.g. bypass surgery, heart valve replacement, pacemaker implantation) or further examinations be necessary, I work with renowned specialists.

Healing requires that the wounds be made visible and brought to light. This requires time and patience and does not happen overnight. It also requires your co-operation. Even with the best medicine I cannot make your illness ‘disappear’. Healing always comes from within – from you.

I will offer you therapies and show you ways to support you in your process towards health and more quality of life.

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Herzzeit is …
a first-class second opinion

Reinhard Friedl berät seine Patienten ebenso mit einer erstklassigen Zweitmeinung zu Herzoperationen

You only have one life and one health. If you are about to have a major heart operation or undergo some other procedure, I would like to advise that you receive a second opinion. This is an excellent decision in any case.

I will evaluate your records and discuss the details with you. It is not a matter of assessing or comparing doctors, but of bringing together different points of view and experiences. After all, it is about the best possible treatment for you.

Herzzeit is …
maintaining your health

Herzzeit ist … Ihre Gesundheit erhalten

I would also be happy to accompany you if you just want to stay healthy and relax your heart. Your body sends early warning signals which we can detect in ultrasound, in the analysis of your heart rate variability or in laboratory findings and treat in time.

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